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He was the programming director for years until a new general manager, Lady Jane Dowden made the horrendous mistake of letting him go.

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We were just a few short of the minimum when we were shut down. I am heartbroken to find both he and Dan have passed away. He was heavyset, clean-shaven, middle aged with long hair, black under his eyes, elongated eyebrows and a Dracula cape with a turned-up collar.

Shock Dies Richard Simms January 23, 2008 - PM WTVC and many of our viewers remember a former colleague today.

If you watched News Channel 9 in the early 70's you probably remember Doctor Shock and his sidekick, Dingbat on Shock Theatre.

Their arrival is an auspicious one, as the natives who appear to be coming to greet them are actually a burial-at-sea party.

The people they are burying are two of their women, both literally torn to pieces in what the tribe elder, Arcadio (Andrs Centenera), will only, mysteriously, call an "accident."That afternoon, while the Hendersons are in the jungle Paul looking for samples, and Carla attempting to patch up what remains of their marriage Carla finds a land crab, but one which appears to have mutated.

The tribe is holding a lottery among all the women, including Arcadio's granddaughter Alma (Eva Darren), and the two women who draw the proper lots are terrified, one of them nearly hysterical.

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