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He missed Alma one night and his search found her..... NAKED from the waist up, shaking her torso back and forth rapidly, "things" bouncing around, screaming her head off...!!!! In the meantime, lingering radiation has been affecting the local plant and animal life, causing them to transform at certain points into deadly monsters that can strangle, bite and slap all who dare come near.Off in the distance you could barely make out a girl tied-up in a clearing, a virgin to be sacrificed to the local monster, BUT THEN.... Fright and sensuality collide when Blood Island chiefs sacrifice beautiful young virgins to "The Evil One," a horrid creature bred by radiation and metamorphosed from an innocent man.New arrivals to the island include scientists Kent Taylor and John Ashley, along with the alluring Beverly Hills, but their jungle search for mutated life forms is interrupted by attacks from living vegetation and terrifying beasts!

The people they are burying are two of their women, both literally torn to pieces in what the tribe elder, Arcadio (Andrs Centenera), will only, mysteriously, call an "accident."That afternoon, while the Hendersons are in the jungle Paul looking for samples, and Carla attempting to patch up what remains of their marriage Carla finds a land crab, but one which appears to have mutated.Shock Dies Richard Simms January 23, 2008 - PM WTVC and many of our viewers remember a former colleague today.If you watched News Channel 9 in the early 70's you probably remember Doctor Shock and his sidekick, Dingbat on Shock Theatre.It is the first real signbut will by no means be the lastthat radiation may have affected this island.With the sun setting, the Hendersons return to the village with their find, and stumble onto a sight nearly as puzzling as the mutant crab.It had been a desire of Tommy's to get enough episodes in the 'can' so it could be syndicated. Baxter (alias Batgorilla, Walter Crankcase, and various unnamed monsters)Remember Dr. He was played by Tommy Reynolds, the Program Director of WTVC Channel-9 at the time.

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