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Our local agent has been great each time we have dealt with him and all of the installers we worked with when getting the alarm system installed in our first house, and having it removed and reinstalled in our new home have been great. The only surprise was, I was trying to use my phone to call 911 and ADT was I using my line...Traditional home security systems relied on vulnerable land lines that required professional technicians to install. As far as I've been able to find (and I've searched high and low) no other security and life-safety company offers a bigger bang for the buck that Frontpoint's Interactive monitoring package does. And if the system has no arming or other activity, the friends and neighbors check up on you. Not only were they super friendly and helpful with my questions before I signed on, they have continued to be helpful & friendly afterward too.What I like most is the technology, pricing/value, portabilility, convenience, full-service, low/no pressure sales, knowledgeable employees, short hold times, transparent pricing, and short contract periods (optional). I've been with them about 3 years, and couldn't be a happier customer. Your hard work and dedication to your customers shows! I have a top notch GE GSM cellular alarm system for no more cost than most land line systems.I had to learn my lesson the hard way with one of the local companies. I was so furious but there was nothing that I could do (they did let me out of my contract...I was broken into on Christmas day and they were closed! ) I learned that day that you get what you pay for.Most people make this decision based on who is standing at their front door trying to sell them a system.

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