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On 32-bit machines, the ® operating system allows by default up to 1.5 GB for any single process (application).That means that even though you may have more physical RAM (for example 2GB), the operating system will not allow an application to use all of that memory.Should something go wrong after edition (bad hot key…), you can simply delete the configuration file, the internal default configuration will be used.Unfortunately, the Windows Magnification API this application uses, is not available on Windows XP.comes with a minimal graphic interface in the form of a system tray icon with a context menu.

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was designed to work without impacting the performances and fluidity of your computer.

I may add an easy way to build some in a future version…

If the configuration file () is missing, you can use the “Edit Configuration” menu to regenerate the default one.

This is very efficient as the low level work is handled directly by the system, but it also severely constrains the range of allowed transformations.

(I've used "Negative Screen X86.exe" version 2.4.5447.24427) 2.

- if the "negativescreen.conf" file beside the executable cannot be modified, trying to edit the current configuration will result in a configuration in App Data being created.

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