Updating a home intercom system

All functions of GUI Editor for creating projects are available but it is recommended to license Emulator of GUI Editor. It allows you to see how your project will work on the customer control panel.Only the graphic part of the project can work without the license.You can find information about prices in the "BUY" section of the i Ridium mobile web site.You can see the price-list and buy i Ridium licenses by the prices for integrators only if you belong to the company working on the Automation market.You just install the software package on your PC and create a visualization project.The client application installed on your i OS, Android, Windows or Mac will enable launch of your visualization project on any supported OS.Sample GUIs (templates of graphic interfaces) and JS modules (projects and drivers for working with various equipment which is not included in the standard i Ridium base) are additional but not compulsory for use materials.Sample GUIs and JS modules are sold or distributed for free.

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Do not activate i Ridium licenses for virtual machines: they generate new HWID at each launch and your licenses will not work. You receive the payed key which you will assign to the control panel (until the key is not assigned the control device is not defined).

It will affect upload of new projects on i OS panels. Licenses can be received in two ways: via the i Ridium Mobile web site or by invoice.

If there is an i Ridium distributor in your country refer for the invoice to them.

You can find detailed information about the licensing system here.

The license is not required for working with GUI Editor.

Only one Site license for one controller can be uploaded on one control panel. It will contain two drivers licensed with the help of two different keys. Buying a license for one of i Ridium products you can control only the driver you indicated in licnese (in this case - KNX). But there won't be any communication with equipment: you will not be able to send commands to controllers and receive feedback.

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