Updating a home intercom system


While creating the project refer to the information about i Ridium components and licensing. The setup for PC can be installed only on Windows 7/8 OS (or launch with the help of a virtual machine, Windows Emulator).

Do not activate i Ridium licenses for virtual machines: they generate new HWID at each launch and your licenses will not work. You receive the payed key which you will assign to the control panel (until the key is not assigned the control device is not defined).

Only one Site license for one controller can be uploaded on one control panel. It will contain two drivers licensed with the help of two different keys. Buying a license for one of i Ridium products you can control only the driver you indicated in licnese (in this case - KNX). But there won't be any communication with equipment: you will not be able to send commands to controllers and receive feedback.

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With the help of i Ridium you can create a panel for controlling all your equipment from any i Pad, i Phone, Mac, Android or Windows based device.Install the software components and learn instructions about i Ridium for your equipment.Video-lessons and on-line webinars if they are already available for your equipment will help you to speed up the process.This procedure is performed in the MY ACCOUNT section of the web site.All keys should be added in the MY ACCOUNT section and then assigned to particular devices with the help of HWID/Serial Number.Site License - it can be used for i Ridium products for AMX, Crestron, KNX, KNX IP BAOS, HDL, Global Cache, Helvar. You can upload the license file of this type on any number of control panels.

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