Updating automatic table contents word


To ensure that a field displays up-to-date information, right-click it and choose the Update Field command. If you’re unsure which text in your document is a field, click the mouse on that text.Fields are highlighted in Word with a dark gray background.Select an item by clicking on it or by pressing Enter/Return when it is highlighted.The item will appear in the dialog box in a shaded bubble.By Dan Gookin The phrase “carved in stone” refers to text that doesn’t change.

updating automatic table contents word-32updating automatic table contents word-32

It’s your clue that you’re about to erase a field, not regular text.When you choose a category, the right side of the dialog box changes to show more detailed options.After you click the OK button, the field is inserted into your document.These dynamic elements are added to a document by using fields.To take advantage of fields, you use the Field dialog box.Items that are orphaned (not connected to any items in your Zotero database) will not have an “Open in My Library” button. The “Prefix” and “Suffix” text boxes allow you to specify text to respectively precede and follow the automatically generated cite.

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