Updating automatic table contents word


Press Enter/Return again to insert the citation and close the Add Citation box.

In the Add Citation dialog box, you can click on the bubble for a cited item, then click “Open in My Library (or the Group Library's name)” to view the item in Zotero. The cite options windows has a drop-down list of the different locator types (“Page” is the default), and a text box in which you can enter the locator value (e.g. To cite a locator other than the ones listed (e.g., “Table), use the Suffix field.

When you choose a category, the right side of the dialog box changes to show more detailed options.

After you click the OK button, the field is inserted into your document.

The Field dialog box is redisplayed, allowing you to make whatever modifications you deem necessary.

Just as those mutants at the end of Beneath the Planet of the Apes removed their human masks, you can remove a field’s mask by right-clicking it and choosing the Toggle Field Codes command. The main difference is that you have to press the Delete or Backspace key twice.

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You can begin citing with Zotero by clicking the “Add/Edit Citation” () button. The citation dialog is used to select items from your Zotero library, and create a citation.Unlink Zotero citations in the document by removing the field codes.This prevents any further automatic updates of the citations and bibliographies.Clicking the “Add/Edit Bibliography” () button inserts a bibliography at the cursor location. For example: ”(see Smith 1776 for the classic example; Marx 1867 presents and alternate view)“.You can edit which items appear in the bibliography by clicking the “Add/Edit Bibliography” button again, which will open the bibliography editor. Manual edits made to the bibliography in Word will be overwritten the next time Zotero refreshes the document. Modifying citations by entering text into the Prefix and Suffix fields is always preferable to directly typing in the citation fields in Word.For example, the File Size field looks like this: To restore the field to human-readable form, right-click it again and choose the Toggle Field Codes command. For example, when you press Backspace to erase a field, the entire field becomes highlighted.

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