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It's a big project, and there's much more to do, but it's a start, and I wanted to give you a quick update on several things.

Financial update: Support and enthusiasm from people purchasing subscriptions (both recurring and one-time) has been wonderful. In the meantime, my very grateful thanks go to all who have chipped in so far and all those who take advantage of our Amazon links, which remains essential, going forward.

And now you can share a 200GB or 2TB i Cloud storage plan with the whole family, so each family member won’t need to buy separate plans.

Up to six members of your family can share i Tunes, i Books, and App Store purchases, an Apple Music family plan, and an i Cloud storage plan.

After the outpouring of support and ideas from this community last week, I spent all weekend and yesterday working on a prototype for a new collaboration system for Mac In Touch.

Apple takes data security and the privacy of your personal information very seriously, and i Cloud features are designed with your privacy in mind.

All your i Cloud content — like photos, documents, and contacts — is encrypted when sent over the Internet and, in most cases, when stored on our servers.i Cloud can help you find your missing i Phone, i Pad, i Pod touch, Mac, Apple Watch, or Air Pods.

Going forward, I have several goals: • to retain the essential nature of Mac In Touch • to continue supporting the Mac In Touch community • to build a more capable, efficient, integrated system • to facilitate staff collaboration/delegation • to improve financial stability Proposed Changes: • A big frustration and workload revolves around trying to organize content hierarchically, an inherently impossible task.

"Tagging" content is a way around this, and I hope to implement tags in the new platform (though this will take time and we'll have to see how well it works).

Browse all your photos in i Cloud Photo Library, and read and share documents saved in i Cloud Drive — even those you keep in your desktop and Documents folder on your Mac.

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