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The column values returned by the subquery are assigned to the columns in the column list in order. WHERE search_condition Chooses which rows to update in the database table.

The first value is assigned to the first column in the list, the second value is assigned to the second column in the list, and so on. Only rows that meet the search condition are updated.

I could not find option to edit the clob column data. the result grid produced by that query will be editable, double clikc on the clob cell in the grid and it will bring up a window to edit the clob contents In Toad when I open my table in the schema browser, double click on the CLOB cell in the data tab and it is bringing up a window to but not allowing to edit. These paths are used frequently in a variety of front-end development and QA automation tasks.

Also, as the data volume grows XMLAGG will eventually hit ORA-31186: Document contains too many nodes and, if you happen to have any strings of 4000 characters the XMLAGG method will fail with ORA-01489: result of string concatenation is too long Using COLLECT, these errors don't occur.Not sure if you meant pl/sql or if you meant perl/sql, so here goes.When using Perl and the DBD:: Oracle module you are able to select LOBs, CLOBs, and BLOBs as a normal field. You will need to tell DBD that you are inserting a LOB, similar to this: While this seems trivial, if you ever put something like a frozen data structure (via the Freeze Thaw module) in a CLOB, you'll end up getting errors all over the place when you later try to thaw it if the frozen structure happens to have whitespace at the end.It lets you create and store collections of documents of any kind (not just JSON), retrieve them, and query them, without needing to know how the documents are stored in the database.SODA also provides query features that are specific for JSON documents.Each file can be exposed to Oracle Database as a row in an external table.

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