Updating device content

Help I'm going on holiday next week and is the reason I bought it, not impressed for £150 and will also need to buy additional sd card to download the map I need......

Microsoft Lync Server 2010 includes the Device Update Web service, which is automatically installed with Web Services.

We recommend that you check for updates every three months.

For details about viewing updates for device in your organization, see Getting Started with Device Update Web service.

During a wireless update, you might see a message that says the update can't be installed because it needs more space than you have on your device.If you see this message, there are a few ways you can update your device: If there isn't enough space to download and install an update, i OS tries to make more space.It temporarily removes some downloadable parts of installed apps.If the update never completes and the progress bar hasn't moved for an extended time, try restarting your device.Learn what to do if your device appears frozen or won't start.In the Usage Settings menu, you can see how much space your apps use and delete the ones you don't need.

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