Updating line6 m13


The intro music was cool but the layering of all those presets was to its detriment. I'd love to see you do another video with Helix and impulses to hear your opinion on this combo, I seriously believe you'll be blown away with those results! That's the typical response from those who have not,actually tried the 96K versions.

The thought process is that it inevitably gets mixed down to 44.1K. I'm going to assume when you say 96k your talking sample rate right? Firstly with the Line 6 cabs, it sounds bad, but with IR's it sounds much better. However the atomic am Pli Fire sounded better rhythm n lead and the best model so far the Yamaha 100hd. the Kemper sounds great when I hear it, but when I play it it just doesn't feel like the real thing.

i thought the amp sims sucked and line6 typical lack of updating and crappy support caused me to dump it. if you want the best amp/cab sims get a kemper or axe fx. I agree with the idea of respecting the older names by not tramping on their brands but. In the end, don't we all benefit from innovative and high-quality products like these? Do these products really take amp sales from the amp manufacturers? The only weakish spots on the helix are the pitch fx, and reverbs/ambient stuff are not on the level with eventide/strymon. Tweeters don't push air so they don't give you that dynamic eq from speakers, and will never be the same if your comparing it to a real amp cabinet with speakers only in it.

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With the VOX you can play from jazz to rock music, i donĀ“t play metal.Hey henning 1) did you try this with a tube amp in 4 cable method ?2) what did you think of the quality of the effects I am keen to use this as a backup for amp failure in live gigs and for effects only - in the 4 cable method to simplify my live rig - i tried the line 6 m13 and returned it immediately (as i was told it was true bypass) - yeah right!Note to self, cannot have your vids running to listen too while working at work! Not all of us can afford 5-6 amps for one nights performance.LOL, Lot's of F'that and cussing, which I do my fair share of, but lol, not for open door work am I listening to effects reviews at work? :) this is a cool one on tones and different sounds. How many guitarists/bassists have I seen kneeling in front of his or her FX board trying to find that one lead/battery that has gone on the fritz. You can use it as a complete FR system or just as your FX unit. It is equipped to go in the front of the amp should you require. Many top pros use this type of system so stick to what you can handle.None of them provide the chest pounding air moving experience of a real tube amp. Spending time with it takes you sonically way past the (rather horrid now) presets. Redo it with classic rock sounds, have your friend add some honky tonk piano and call up Bob Seeger. Almost always use an SM57 and Royer 121 on the cabs for recording.

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