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What follows is a look at some of the differences between Oracle’s Materialized Views and SQL Server’s Indexed Views kept up to date.

In SQL Server, if a view’s base tables are modified, then the view’s indexes are also kept up to date in the same atomic transaction. Oracle provides something similar called a materialized view.

You start by setting these initialization parameters within Oracle to enable the mechanisms for Oracle materialized views and query rewrite, as shown here: Next, you must grant several system privileges to all users who will be using the Oracle materialized views.

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This ON COMMIT refreshing can be used with materialized views on single-table aggregates and materialized views containing joins only.

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Historically, one of the problems of using summary tables has been the initial loading and subsequent updating of the summary.

Note that the underlying table for the MVIEW can be prebuilt.

Below is an example of an Oracle materialized view with an ON COMMIT refresh. s critical that you check the refresh interval in the dba_jobs view.

We begin with a look at the initialization parameters and continue with details of the effective management and use of Oracle materialized views.

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