Updating old quicken files


Or if you’re looking for a native Macintosh software application, there’s Banktivity, as well.

But none of these applications come close to Quicken in terms of market share or the comprehensive personal finance features that still make Quicken for Windows the industry leader.

This test was conducted over a six-week period and used most parts of the application.

To be fully transparent to our readers, I no longer use Quicken on a daily basis and have switched to using Personal Capital instead.

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During my testing, Quicken was updated at least four times.

I’ve been a Quicken user since 1992 — now over 26 years.

I used to track every one of my 60-plus accounts with Quicken.

Overall, this change makes sense for Quicken, since before it had to support at least three versions of the old software, which was a maintenance and tech support nightmare.

This change gets the entire user base on the same version at all times.

I had every bank account, credit card, asset, retirement, investment and liability linked to the software.

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