Updating r4ds ii to iii


Step 3: Now that you've backed up the content of your R4's micro SD, let's remove the old and busted and add the new hotness!

I have the first R4 Revolution for DS (NDSL/NDS) and I have followed these instructions.

New DS ROMs not loading on original R4 DS running 1.18 My 5yo nephew is sporting a black Nintendo DS with original R4.

His parents asked if there was a way to consolidate all of his original cartridges because they were either getting lost or broken. and Monster Jam: Path of Destruction and neither one of those game ROMs worked with the original R4 DS running firmware v1.18.

Since I use the Acekard 2i and Super Card DSTWO now and had a spare original R4 DS laying around, I gave him the R4 and consolidated all of his original game cartridges onto the R4. Being the family DS and flash card expert, I had to fix my nephew's DS compatibility problem.

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Here's a quick tutorial on updating your original R4 DS firmware from v1.18 to the Wood firmware v1.26: Step 1: Backup the content on the R4 DS Micro SD card.

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