Updating shifters on mountain bike question to ask while dating


I’d also need a long reach derailleur to take up the extra chain slack when using the granny gear.

The chances of getting all these components to fit correctly was pretty small, and would likely be costly but I had two secret weapons.

Second secret weapon: expert advice and coaching by two BBP mechanics, Yon and Michael.

Wow, those guys saved my butt every time I turned around!

Allowing you to demonstrate just how close those cars are passing you.

But, enough of the overview, let’s get into the details.

So the bike came together nicely, and every thing actually works.

Now maybe we’ll get a gel saddle, and do on some rides when the weather gets better.

This was exactly what the bike looked like, but it was not quite as pristine as this one: The picture below shows the down tube Campy shifters.

Our bike was the same color, same saddle, same components as this bike, but the paint was not as perfect as this one.

She didn’t ride it enough to get used to using the clip-in Speedplay pedals, and one time she didn’t get a good push off from a stop, and fell over onto the pavement.

She broke her fall with her hand, and ended up with a broken bone in her wrist.

I lucked into a fantastic bike about 6 years ago, a Fuji 1987 Design Series road bike.

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