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Consider using liquid formulations, or giving explicit advice about taking tablets with plenty of water whilst sitting upright.Take care that you are not prescribing an agent to 'treat' a normal aspect of ageing - for example, alteration in the sleep/waking cycle.Careful attention needs to be paid to distinguishing between symptoms due to normal ageing and those due to specific, treatable diagnoses.Once a decision to prescribe has been made, selection of an appropriate agent is important.This is a structured and detailed list of the patient's medication changes during the hospital stay and is part of the information that is given at discharge to the patient, the GP and the community nurse.

The most important alteration in drug metabolism in the elderly is a reduction in renal clearance.

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Some older patients have swallowing problems which may mean that tablets are not the best form in which to prescribe their treatments.

Tablets that remain in the mouth or oesophagus for long periods may cause ulceration.

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