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The absorption of an actual compound is usually intermediate between the reference types.Besides, the knowledge of a compound absorption influences the accuracy of the estimation of the dose from a given exposure as well as the definition of the monitoring programme.As inhalation of an aerosol is the most likely route of intake for workers, a key parameter of the related dose assessment is the solubility of Pu deposited in the lungs.Through the pulmonary absorption kinetics, it determines the fraction of the activity that is transferred from the lung to the blood and then to the systemic organs/tissues (primarily skeleton and liver) and, ultimately, to excretion.In order to optimise the monitoring of potentially exposed workers, it is desirable to determine specific values of absorption for the compounds handled.This study derives specific values of absorption rates for different chemical forms of plutonium from in vitro and animal (monkeys, dogs, mice, rats) experiments, and from human contamination cases.Average and median estimates were calculated for f for each plutonium compound, that can be used as default values for specific chemical forms instead of the current reference types.

Plutonium (Pu) compounds are widely used as fuel in the nuclear power industry, for thermo-electric power sources of satellites and for military applications.

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Pu is also present in the spent fuel of nuclear reactors.

Workers may be exposed to various chemical forms and isotopic compositions of Pu.

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