Updating toyota navigation system


That is enough to make it a solid option and an asset to Toyota’s lineup.

Uanset hvor turen går hen, så kan du spare dig selv for både tid og frustrationer, hvis dit Toyota Navigation System er fuldstændig opdateret.

Notably, the 6.1-screen should be avoided at all costs. The infotainment market is littered with spectacular failures from companies that shot for the stars and then proceeded to blow up on the launch pad.

This is particularly aggravating when trying to use the navigation.

Toyota has developed an Entune app for Apple, Android, and one for the eight poor souls who still use Blackberry.

However, while the Entune app does have some functionality, its chief job is to funnel the phone’s data to Pandora, Facebook, Yelp, i Heart Radio, Bing (God help the one person who uses Bing and Blackberry), and a Toyota-designed data app that allows drivers to track gas prices, weather, and traffic. that no one will ever use, with the possible exception of Pandora. Fortunately, Entune has perfectly good versions of the features anyone ever uses, like navigation, Bluetooth streaming, and phone connectivity.

The result is relatively easy to read but looks cheap.

The sense of cheapness is added to by the comparatively low resolution of the display, which compares badly to that of market leaders like Uconnect.

For starters, it is is responsive and precise, where the standard 6.1 is balky and slow.

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