Updating wii with wiikey

I am about to get a wii and was wondering if I should softmod or hardmod. I've heard that with softmod its messy when nintendo do firmware updates or something?

Also a chance of bricking your wii if you don't do it properly? hardmod you can't reverse when things go wrong and you need to claim warranty, however it will still work even with system update and if done correctly, there is a very small chance of bricking.

And the risk of bricking while softmodding is minimal.

I have done 3 now, and it really couldn't be any easier.

And both times, 5 minutes reading and installing a small patch had me up and running.

If you can't be bothered doing that, then pay the money and get a chip.

I've seen the word "brick" in here a lot, and while it does sound scary, it is You are wrong.: D I am still on 3.2 and my softmod still works. I think the fact that I'm able to get the same result out of my Wii without having to pay for it (ie. I'm a born tinkerer anyway, so I'm happy to read up more on the workings and ways to keep it alive.

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But now, I honestly don't think I will ever buy a chip.

If you soft mod your wii you are have to install the homebrew channel first, and to my knowledge (i am probably wrong) you can't totally remove it as it still leaves a title ID on you wii saying its been installed.

People love free stuff, but you have to factor into it. If you are uni student, and you have unlimited time on your hands then go for the softmod.

The way I understand it is that if I want to play NTSC-J games I will need FW 3.2 and Datel Freeloader (which only works with FW3.2 or below).

But what if the game I want to play requires FW higher than 3.2? I think the correct answer to this question is; it depends. I liked tinkering around with the Wii, so the softmod was actually a bit of fun.

Nintendo are sleeping at the moment, if they woke up they could really mess all the soft modders around with automatic updates etc.

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