This is all that is necessary to validate the use of images to be made in the sequel.

Let there be no mistake about it: we have been brought here to validate that conclusion.

The theory of value is to interpret, validate, and guide the theory of prices.

Thus Mary attempts to validate the situation and make it "by no means contrary to probability." The law was framed to validate a procedure more or less established by mining custom.

Spousal abuse, murder, domestic violence, assault, arson, rape, child molestation, assault with a deadly weapon, battery against the elderly forgery, counterfeiting, violent crimes, catfishing, spamming, fake profiles Vali DATE was started by three entrepreneurs with over 50 combined years of military, law enforcement and private investigative backgrounds.

As the leader in modern, safe dating, we successfully match a wide range of couples, regardless of lifestyle.

Of course, it is our hope that this test will validate Rapid Dominance as a legitimate doctrine.

True ideas are those which we can assimilate, validate, corroborate, and verify.


When you use data binding, the data in your control is synchronized with the data source during execution of the Validating event.

This approach is useful when you want to give the user immediate feedback about the data as they are working.

If you want to use implicit validation for a control, you must set that control's Auto Validate property to .

The answers to these questions would do a great deal to validate the plan we had adopted.

If man is to hold no beliefs except those proved valid by experience, how can there be any to validate?

A is a string made up of characters from a masking language that specifies which characters can be entered at any given position in the text box. If the user types an incorrect entry, for example, the user types a letter when a digit is required, the control will automatically reject the input.

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