Vandals lyrics internet dating super studs

That's what the kids are chanting about (if you listen carefully, you can hear one kid suggesting it to the other and counting to three).

The other chant that keeps popping up--"hand grenade, hand grenade, hand grenade!

" I don't understand this joke, having only read one issue of that boring-as-SHIT magazine in my entire life, but maybe you do and that alone makes the whole thing worthwhile. The second verse in the studio version isn't much better than the first, although the studio version does have the tacky, ass-covering "all Nazis die" right before the end. Hell, the songs were good but they weren't that damned good.

In conclusion, Government Issue just re-issued everything they ever recorded (and more! [email protected] and Binder (now THERE'S a law firm I'll never patronize): I'm thinking you two fellows must never have gone to any hardcore shows in the early 80s. All the singers did the smart-assy between-song patter thing, even the really really "serious" political guys. Oh, and quit with the complaints about Stevo's jabbering during "Hocus Pocus" (by Focus).

Best song titles: "Join Us For Pong," "Girls Turn 18 Every Day," "Kill My Tenant" and "The Day Farrah Fawcett Died." There's also a death metal song about the robot girl from the show Small Wonder, if that's any indication of where these guys' heads are at. Sample lyric: "Don't be fooled by world peace or an economy that's stable/The CIA's just got more time to watch you through your cable." Hee! Another thing -- great vocal harmonies begin on this album.

Total pop culture reference-isms and ironic sexism. Maybe the music isn't any smarter, but it's tighter and the lyrics are, as a whole, MUCH better. "The Rodge," for example, appears to be some sort of incredibly unfunny inside joke. Very quivery vocal harmonies by guys who probably shouldn't be attempting vocal harmonies. So close to going out of tune, and in fact they occasionally do -- but oh, the effort! Of course, it's about a minute too long and rather unfunny, but man, what a riff.

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He also turns nearly everything on the album into a fag joke (something that my fans know I would never, ever do), including aforementioned "Ghost Faggot Riders In The Sky," screaming disgusting sexual nonsense throughout "Hocus Pocus" (by Focus) and changing the ending of "Urban Struggle" to "I couldn't make it as a HOMO! He just has a voice that's nice for yelling, and he's clearly comfortable speaking to a crowd. The whole thing just reeks like a pussy with green mucus coming out of it, oozing slowly down a syphilis-infected cock. The other band members get all of maybe three words in.As a promotion for the album, the band members held an online contest in which four fans each won a "date" with one of the band members.These "dates" were videotaped and including in the enhanced CD-ROM portion of the CD.Internet Dating Superstuds is the ninth studio album by the southern California punk rock band The Vandals.An independent music video was filmed for the song "43210-1." Much of the album is characterized by the pop-punk music and humorous lyrics for which the band is known.Its title, artwork and bonus features satirize several aspects of internet culture.

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