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" I don't understand this joke, having only read one issue of that boring-as-SHIT magazine in my entire life, but maybe you do and that alone makes the whole thing worthwhile. The second verse in the studio version isn't much better than the first, although the studio version does have the tacky, ass-covering "all Nazis die" right before the end. Hell, the songs were good but they weren't that damned good.

In conclusion, Government Issue just re-issued everything they ever recorded (and more! [email protected] and Binder (now THERE'S a law firm I'll never patronize): I'm thinking you two fellows must never have gone to any hardcore shows in the early 80s. All the singers did the smart-assy between-song patter thing, even the really really "serious" political guys. Oh, and quit with the complaints about Stevo's jabbering during "Hocus Pocus" (by Focus).

(and usually fast) he six-song debut, classic among certain punkers! Why are the Atlanta Braves still called the Atlanta Braves when they don't even have Al "The Mad Hungarian" Hrabosky on the team anymore???? We don't even have George "The Crazy Dicklicker" Washington anymore!!! It's like eating an apple pie and finding a big hairy cock in the middle!!! [email protected](JJ) hey Mark, you didn't mention that a line from "anarchy burger" was mentioned in that Vin Diesel movie Triple XXX when he's in that communist/ russian ice bar and says" remember that old punk song about walking into a deli and urinating on the cheese" it fuckin drove me crazy, like "its triggering somthing, but im not sure what, i know ive heard that somewhere? Plus, the "humorous" lyrics aren't funny, and they're all repeated about 500 times in each song.

The Beach Boys are touring with just Mike Love and a bunch of dickheads!!! Turning to the Stevo file first, the guy finds it necessary to recite pre-written "advertisements" for "Vandalco Products" like "Doggy Douche," "Vaginal Vinyl" and "Anal Drainal." Nobody laughs, nobody cares. Plus, the longish pauses between songs just mean more of Stevo being himself.

At that time, you could truly say or do whatever the fuck you wanted on the airwaves after PM. Dave Quackenbush and Warren Fitzgerald have joined Mr.

The FCC didn't care and was too underfunded to do anything even if they did, which they didn't (although the Christian right was in its ascendancy, they didn't own the Supreme Court yet). Escalante to create a tight punk rock band with oft-clever lyrics.

My wife remembers their first EP from her Maybe you do too! Very fun, excitable high-speed punk rock, messily played and amateurishly produced. Where things change all the time and there's nothing that you or I can do about it??? A change was desperately needed, and came in a nutshell when Joe Escalante replaced the entire band with a smarter line-up in time for the next album! I'll say 7, because Viking Suit cracks me up, and shows that when they wanted to, the old lineup could play the hell out of their instruments, even if the chord progression is lifted straight outta Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue, which is essentially Walk Don't Run. It doesn't have the most phenomenal sound in the world perhaps (the drums and bass are mostly buried under the loud, thick distorted guitar thrashing), but the songs are played pretty well ("Anarchy Burger" loses some energy, but I'm not sure why - maybe because the drums are so buried), and the dreaded (by me) "H. Hotel" is cut off after one verse, pleasing my energies and riling my senses to a state hitherto unmodulated.

Or maybe, like me, you first heard their music on a popular episode of The X-Files that also featured famous young actors Giovanni Ribisi and Jack Black. Some hilarious lyrics in here if you listen close, especially on "Anarchy Burger (Hold The Government)." Other classics include "Wanna Be Manor" and "The Legend Of Pat Brown." Not much else to say. If you've heard early Bad Religion or Agent Orange, you know what to expect. Interestingly, only the drummer stuck around longer than a few more years. Why can't we force band members to stay in their bands???? But what really stands out about the tape is (A) the way Stevo wastes his obvious charisma and confidence as a punk rock frontman by telling unbelievably lame, gross jokes the ENTIRE TIME, and (b) the excitement of an '80s hardcore show! I'd say five or six, but Stevo basically ruins this thing, especially on "Hocus Pocus" and "Ghost Riders In The Sky." INSTRUMENTAL SONGS DO NOT NEED VOCALS.

Besides, what's a punk frontman supposed to do during an instrumental? A bit of context which may explain the gross-out jokes: this show was in early 1983 (or maybe maybe late 1982), which was right around the time Blanche Knott's "Truly Tastless Jokes" came out and was a huge underground hit on high school and middle school campuses back in those pre-Internet days when there was no such thing as porn and nobody ever molested children. So gross/shocking humor was even more popular than usual among the innocent, pre-9/11 youth of America during the 82/83 school year, is all I'm saying.That's what the kids are chanting about (if you listen carefully, you can hear one kid suggesting it to the other and counting to three).The other chant that keeps popping up--"hand grenade, hand grenade, hand grenade!As a promotion for the album, the band members held an online contest in which four fans each won a "date" with one of the band members.These "dates" were videotaped and including in the enhanced CD-ROM portion of the CD. Quite frankly, this just wasn't the most intelligent line-up the band ever had.

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