Vintage postcard dating


Click here for our Links page which has the Playle's link and many other helpful reference links on antique and vintage photography. The pedal car has an oval "American" name tag on the front. The card was never addressed & it was never mailed. At the left edge of the photo below the table top is a teddy bear wearing a dress which is facing away from the camera. post office The photo is marked by the photographer in the negative at the lower right corner "No. The photo is of an outdoor scene from Easton, Pennsylvania which shows 14 lodge members, an American flag, & a man looking out of the post office window. There is a 1/2" area on the left side of the photo where a finger touched the surface causing the fingerprint spot to have a mat finish rather than the glossy finish as present on the rest of the photo. Otherwise, the card is in excellent condition just like it turned up in a Pennsylvania estate. There is a brown circle on the front from where a glass once sat on the card.Occasional fakes of highly collectible subjects turn up and can be spotted by a close examination of the address side of the card where dust shadows have been printed rather than acquired from age. This is an original real photo postcard of a family outside. Original RPPC (real photo post card) showing a young kid with a very large tin toy train engine. The card was never addressed & it was never mailed. One hand of the girl is supporting a doll that sits in a wooden homemade tiller type automobile with a bell on the front. This looks like it occurred in the making of the card just before it dried & is probably the fingerprint of the photographer. The card is in fresh near mint unused condition just like it turned up in a Pennsylvania estate. This is an original real photo postcard of the Middletown Fire Apr 9, 1910 which took place in Middletown, Pennsylvania. The back is slightly soiled & has been addressed but not mailed. Original RPPC (real photo post card) showing the J. In the circle there is a minute 1/16" diameter indentation in the paper. This is an original real photo postcard of a parade.

Cards can range from a few cents apiece to the hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars each!

One postcard shows seven German officers on horseback and others standing around. There is an inscription in German in the negative that shows the years 1915/16. Four of the postcards are of landscapes and are described as follows: White printing in the lower part of the cards identifies the locations as: "Fern Forest, Hawaii," "Royal Palm, Honolulu," "Blow Hole, Oahu T. There are lots of early cars in the photo & a very unusual truck.

There appears to be a pile of potatoes or other root vegetable in front of one soldier. We are guessing that "Fuime" is the name of the town in the photo. The back has an inked notation "Italian Calvary at rest after passing stand June 1-1919". This is a sharp black & white photo with superb detail. The box where the stamp is placed has the following printed on the top, bottom, left, and right of the box: "AZO" with small black printed squares in the corners of the box which would indicate the 1926-1940's era. The fifth postcard to be described shows Bishop Street Honolulu, Hawaii.

The postcard has a divided back with the Cy Ko corner stamp box from the 1904 to 1920's period. This is an original RPPC photo postcard card which shows Elevyn Meenen standing next to a steel toy airplane. The photo is a beautiful & very sharp black & white silver print. This postcard was found in York, PA with several other views of a biplane that performed at the York Fairgrounds but we don't know if this is the same biplane that was in the other views. Howe has signed the card & dated it on the front "Mr. He has also signed & dated the card on the back 1/29/17 Love & Kisses from Thomas". The cards are all in crisp, fresh, near mint condition.

The postcard shows shadows on the back from having been in an album page. Possibly the toy airplane was made by Dayton Friction Company. There is an embossed blindstamp of the photographer at the bottom left corner "Pemberton St. The card which is in superb condition has an undivided back with an Artura (or Artur) stamp box. The photograph is printed upsidedown relative to the address side.

First up, a DIY for vintage postcard save-the-dates. My wife and I love flea markets and thrift stores, and decided to bring that retro feel to the first piece of wedding correspondence our guests would receive.

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