When do cameron and chase start dating


"House" doesn't return until April 28, but there's plenty to talk about before then.

In "Lockdown", Chase mentions admiring how strong she was when she stood up to her father after he yelled at her mother during their holiday visit. After seeing House's behaviour when he and his ex-girlfriend Stacy (Sela Ward) reunite, Cameron tells House, "I thought you were too screwed up to love anyone. Despite Cameron's refusal to reconcile, Chase starts to ask her out every Tuesday.

He says he did it, and won't leave the hospital just because she wants to pretend he didn't.

Cameron confronts House by saying he ruined Chase's life making him "unable to see right or wrong and not to see the sanctity of human life". House, which has disappeared as a result of recent events, along with her love for Chase.

People’s roles change, especially if they’re competent, and these people are competent. MR: I have to say, when I got to the end of an episode this season, I wasn’t saying, “Boy, I wish there was more of Chase.” I don’t dislike the characters, but there was so much else going on that interested me that I didn’t find myself thinking we should have gotten more of them. I’m going to say something you’re readers aren’t going to like, but as someone running a television show, you have to be very careful – people think they want something and they do want something, but it’s not what they need, shall we say, and it’s not what the show needs. The most obvious [comment] is people saying, “I love the show, can’t you just make House a little nicer?

MR: Are the actors restive -- are they wanting more screen time?

Both Cameron and Chase had been there for a while at the time of the pilot. And if he wasn’t who he is, you wouldn’t like him as much.

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