When do cameron and chase start dating


After initial hesitation and argument, Chase signs the divorce papers, but while in "Lockdown" they end up dancing and then sleeping together one last time.In the season 8 episode "Post Mortem", it was revealed by Dr.But the introduction of all those new faces meant that Chase and Cameron, who are working elsewhere at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, haven’t been around much.The show’s producers said last summer and fall that the characters would still be around in Season 4, but I was surprised by how little we ended up seeing them (as were many other loyal “House” viewers, apparently).

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And it’s sort of something that becomes I think fake on TV – that people stay in these roles forever. But I think they also are enjoying [the fact that their characters are] not intimidated by House. Prior to working at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, Cameron was a medical intern at the Mayo Clinic and was one of the top students in her class in medical school. However, she ends their relationship when Chase informs her that he wants to take their relationship to the next level.In "Lockdown", Chase mentions admiring how strong she was when she stood up to her father after he yelled at her mother during their holiday visit. After seeing House's behaviour when he and his ex-girlfriend Stacy (Sela Ward) reunite, Cameron tells House, "I thought you were too screwed up to love anyone. Despite Cameron's refusal to reconcile, Chase starts to ask her out every Tuesday.He says he did it, and won't leave the hospital just because she wants to pretend he didn't.Cameron confronts House by saying he ruined Chase's life making him "unable to see right or wrong and not to see the sanctity of human life". House, which has disappeared as a result of recent events, along with her love for Chase.MR: But they aren’t going to be rejoining House’s team, right? MR: It is interesting to see them with this autonomy. I don’t think they cowered in fear, but it does change the dynamic. The other thing is trying to stay true to the reality of the show.

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