When your sick of dating how to start dating website company


I’ve never come across anybody who will admit to doing it, too — though Nicolas Cage reportedly ralphed on his prom date — so I recently googled. (Valium is an option, although nausea is a side effect.) For those who throw up from anxiety — romantic or otherwise — I don’t know how much can be done. The chemical messenger of anxiety is adrenaline, which slows down digestion.

The web is littered with message boards full of the frantic confessions of date pukers. If the adrenaline rush is strong enough to stop the food flow, then you might just end up emptying your bowel.

The first time I threw up on a date, I had just eaten a big bowl of chili.

Sometimes I can will the vomit out of me, and I will sneak off to relieve myself.

I don’t think she noticed that my khaki pant legs were flecked red.

My first instinct was to assume I’d gotten food poisoning. It was my sordid introduction to my ongoing psychological pas de deux between women and vomit.

I was in college at the time, 22 years old, and new to romance.

I remember feeling fine as I strolled down my favorite Montreal backstreet en route to the nearby microbrewery on a warm summer afternoon.

One “generally anxious” user wrote in to Yahoo Answers — the poor man’s Web MD — in search of help. As for why dating in particular triggers my anxiety and, as a result, my gag reflex, my therapist says it’s the the tension between my old-fashioned expectations of a partner (someone I don’t need to pay attention to that much but also only wants to have sex with me) and the stuff I can’t control (basically everything).

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