White collar dating service

You just might do well to date people closer to your age so you dont get a harsh dose of reality.

Im going backwards here but the first part of my answer is most important."White collar men": These are "proffesionals".

Apparently the term covers doctors, lawyers, and basically men in general who are in power. But my question is: What kind of women attract quality guys? You're cute and thats fun sure, but I would suggest that the reason you are dating "another" white collar guy is because these "powerful" men get want they want and then keep on going.

It would be highly recommended you deal with any daddy issues and/or self esteem issues before you become seriously involved or (God forbid) become a parent. It's an old term that used to only differentiate between manual and non-manual labor, essentially.because in answer to your question, quality men (and women, of course) choose partners who bring as much to the table as they do, and unless you are beyond exceptional at age 19, you don't do that. It depends on your definition of a "quality guy."I think a quality guy is looking for an equal - not someone he can dominate.these people will all be significantly older than you and will probably have accomplished far more than you, to succeed in their rigorous professions. He would also be all the usual things - bright, funny, ambitious, has his life on the right track, yada, yada. And older quality guys don't date teenagers - that whole "equal partner" thing.Any man in a "position of power" or "quality man" would likely appreciate a woman who knew this basic term and what it meant, and had enough self-awareness to formulate her own opinion of what it meant to her. The man just needs to be, primarily, physically attracted to the woman, how she thinks or what she does for income is a secondary concern, if that.What a woman does for a job/career has no bearing on the kind of man she will attract. Sure, you may have multiple Kwinks but try to find the strongest one first.

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