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that gives them experience and perspective that you don't share, and these are important factors in determining long-term compatibility. So you can date decent guys your age who are going to be doofuses at times, or pervy older guys. And a woman who is not hard to please, who is always pleasant to be around. Someone who has a life and can easily leave him if he treats her like crap. As for me, I don't usually care for white collar workers.

you're young and cute, of course, and that's sufficient to attract a high-status man, but seldom enough to keep him.long-term relationships are work, and the only way to learn to maintain them is through experience. Up here in Canada where I live- men in the trades can make just as much money as a doctor.

The only thing I see of concern, on a motherly type basis would be the dominance. When the woman gets older and/or less attractive, the man moves on and the woman usually has no marketable skills and tends to get pretty screwed in the divorce (men in power can afford very good lawyers) and it's not a fun thing.

It would be highly recommended you deal with any daddy issues and/or self esteem issues before you become seriously involved or (God forbid) become a parent. It's an old term that used to only differentiate between manual and non-manual labor, essentially.

well op, if you're dating ACTUAL doctors, lawyers or the like at your age, you may find your goal of a storybook lifetime commitment elusive. Just like christ mentioned, it won't be until you are bringing something to the table as well that you manage to hold onto one of them, until then you'll just be a little playtoy for them.You just might do well to date people closer to your age so you dont get a harsh dose of reality.Im going backwards here but the first part of my answer is most important."White collar men": These are "proffesionals".I can't see where the term "men in power" comes into play. I would think it to be more of a liking for younger women.And then I would question their mentality level for dating someone that young and immature.These qualities have helped you succeed at your workplace, and are qualities you are looking for in your partner. Meet people the old fashioned way, the way where, when you talk to someone they need to look right back at you and engage you in real time, where they don’t have the option to open an extra tab on their internet browser and chat with another someone.

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