Who is david tennant dating 2016


After she started dating Tennant she stopped talking publicly about her personal life but started again once they were married.

In summer 2008, UK tabloids reported that she was dating David Tennant.

In 2008 she auditioned for the role of Robina Redmond in the episode The Unicorn and the Wasp, but Russell T Davies asked her to wait as he felt she would better suit the role of Jenny.

Since appearing on Doctor Who in 2008, Moffett has acted in the short-lived spinoff Spooks: Code Nine and made four TV guest appearances (in Casualty in 20, playing two different characters; Merlin in 2009; and a cameo in Thorne in 2010).

Rehearsals started in March and the play started previews in May.

However, it was not a critical or commercial success and the play was cancelled due to poor sales in July, a month before it was scheduled to finish.

Georgia Elizabeth Tennant (née and credited as Moffett) appeared as Jenny, the title character of the Doctor Who story The Doctor's Daughter.

Ty attends stage school in London and has acted in a TV commercial, interviewed his mother for a video for the Doctor Who Official Site, and appeared with his mother and grandmother on a reality TV show.In January 2011, UK tabloids reported that they were engaged, with a wedding planned for 2012, and that she was pregnant.On 31 March, UK newspapers reported that Moffett had given birth to a daughter, named Olive, earlier that week.She is the daughter of Peter Davison, who played the Fifth Doctor (1982-84), and American actress Sandra Dickinson.Moffett began acting as a young teenager, and acted in numerous TV shows, often acting opposite her father.Tennant also adopted Moffet's son Ty (from a previous relationship), and his name was changed by deed poll to Tennant.

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