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She opens the show by telling a long "joke" based entirely on Star Wars references.

She then appeared in a sketch, again as Leia, in which she sings and dances with a group of 1950s teenagers.

When she was two years old, her parents divorced and her father married actress Elizabeth Rosamund Taylor.

The following year, her mother, Reynolds, married shoe store chain owner Harry Karl--who squandered Reynolds's life savings without the knowledge of either Reynolds or Fisher.

She appeared on Broadway as Iris in Censored Scenes from King Kong (1980).Fisher co-wrote the TV comedy movie These Old Broads (2001), of which she was also co-executive producer.It starred her mother, Debbie Reynolds, as well as Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Collins, and Shirley Mac Laine.It became a sensational bestseller and she received the Los Angeles Pen Award for Best First Novel.In 1990, Columbia released a film adaptation, which Fisher adapted for the screen from her own novel and which starred Meryl Streep, Shirley Mac Laine, and Dennis Quaid.In addition to her acting work, Fisher was also a novelist and a frequent script doctor on the screenplays of other writers.

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