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Terrorist attacks plummeted from 594 in 2015, to fewer than half that in 20, according to a recent report of Al-Ahram Weekly.

This is due to several factors, first and foremost, the Egyptian Army which is doing much better since it killed the organization’s leader Abu Anas el Ansari in May 2016.

The large Tarrabin tribe, which in the past had helped the jihadists, supplying them with information and affording them sanctuary, then turned hostile and greatly hampered their movements.

According to reports, armed tribesmen had started unspecified operations against the jihadists last summer.

Jihadi organization Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, which morphed into “the Sinai Province of the Islamic State” when it pledged allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, self-proclaimed caliph of ISIS, is slowly losing steam.

Gaza was a place of refuge for jihadists wounded and at times for terrorists fleeing the Egyptian Army.It may have also been a convenient site for experimenting with weapons and ammunitions. Now jihadists are attacking those routes and Gaza, deprived of civilian and military supplies, is feeling the pinch.In return, Daesh let open Hamas supply routes in Sinai, bringing a steady flow of contraband ammunitions and weapons as well as necessities from Egypt and Libya to the Gaza Strip. A video of the barbarous execution of a Daesh member who attempted to smuggle weapons from Sinai to Gaza was recently put online.Meanwhile, there were bitter conflicts between the “Egyptians” and the newcomers among the terrorists.The tribe’s hostility combined with the growing pressure from the army led to the desertion of many militants. Those who did not want to leave the Sinai Peninsula joined another terrorist group, The Army of Islam, which protects them from the vengeance of Daesh.It may thus be that those desert regions of southern Libya will become one of the new centers of operation of Islamic State.

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