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THIS IS NOT the only woe to plague the Sinai Province of the Islamic State.

As seen above, there is intense infighting within the organization; and ISIS in Syria and in Iraq, to which it had pledged allegiance, is collapsing and gradually losing all possibility of supplying it with weapons and money it needs not only to fight but also to keep functioning.

The tone of these letters reveals the feeling of frustration and defeat of the leader.

He calls on his followers in Libya to go south and regroup taking advantage of the difficult and desert areas carved deep into the wadis and offering protection against drones and warplanes, urging them to keep on fighting, and to welcome militants fleeing from Iraq and Syria.

Daesh had always considered Hamas as infidel, the movement having abandoned the path of jihad, and relations between them have always been ambivalent, born of their common interest against Egypt and Israel and kept to a minimum.

Gaza was a place of refuge for jihadists wounded and at times for terrorists fleeing the Egyptian Army.

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According to reports, armed tribesmen had started unspecified operations against the jihadists last summer.

The November 24 massacre at Al-Rawdah Mosque, linked to the Sufi school of Islam, was a stark demonstration of that new policy.

More than 300 civilians were killed in the attack carried out during the Friday morning prayers.

Terrorist attacks plummeted from 594 in 2015, to fewer than half that in 20, according to a recent report of Al-Ahram Weekly.

This is due to several factors, first and foremost, the Egyptian Army which is doing much better since it killed the organization’s leader Abu Anas el Ansari in May 2016.

It may have also been a convenient site for experimenting with weapons and ammunitions. Now jihadists are attacking those routes and Gaza, deprived of civilian and military supplies, is feeling the pinch.

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