Who is mia hamm dating


The teeny, white-washed Agios Ioannis chapel is perched 202 steps up a winding path on top of a rocky outcrop that juts into the sea.

It appears windswept, isolated and beautifully peaceful. For starters, the concrete car park below is overflowing.

Until they realise it's not quite as it was on the big screen.

'It was a bit disappointing at first,' says Diana Staveley, 40.

And there's barely room left to sit down on some of the beaches.

'We've been coming for years and this time it's different,' says Christina, 34, from Athens.

The narrow roads are teeming with cars reversing and spinning tyres in the dust.

Cars are backed up down the dusty lane and the nearby cafe is doing a roaring trade.

The steps are alive with a constant stream of visitors, huffing and puffing, and singing Abba songs rather badly. Well, on closer inspection, it isn't quite up to scratch either. Just in case you've been shut away in a wardrobe for the past year, Mamma Mia!

At 15 years old she joined the US women’s national team and was the youngest to ever play for them.

Hamm has played in three Olympic Games and won a gold medal in 1996, a silver medal in 2000 and a gold medal in 2004.

For months, fans have been flocking here to get married Mamma Mia!

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