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This show even portrays the plight of medical students in their quest to become physicians. New medical students start their ER rotation, among them John Carter, an inexperienced third-year student. Peter Benton operates on a patient with an aortic aneurysm, a procedure normally performed by senior staff.

Head nurse Carol Hathaway is brought into the ER after a suicide [...] (More)A day filled with traumas leaves the ER packed. Mark Greene considers leaving the ER to join a private practice that pays much more.

After Kayson's reprimand against Susan is denied, she has a chance to prove herself when Kayson is brought in as a patient. Ross meets Diane Leeds, of risk management, and her son Jake.

Kayson brings charges against Susan in the Vennerbeck death, leading Morganstern to question Susan's assertiveness. A case of apparent spousal abuse is not what it seems.

Deb outshines Carter after he is up all night preparing for a presentation.

Benton and Langworthy interview for the Starzl fellowship. Benton saves a man with a throat wound, earning Morganstern's praise.

Carter has a good day, winning a bottle of champagne and getting three leads on apartments.

Mark calls in sick to spend time with his wife, leaving Doug as a hectic acting chief.

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