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“He is a friend, a confidante, and a trusted professional.

I am proud to serve alongside him.” After the story was published, Kelly’s statement raised eyebrows for its full-throated support of a man accused of physically and emotionally abusing two former wives. Hope Hicks, the White House communications director, helped draft the statement, people familiar with the matter told CNN.

Hicks has been the gatekeeper for most -- though not all -- of his interviews.

Trump went through two communications directors in his first seven months.

She is often seen coming and going on Trump's trips, but is never heard. "SNL" tried to impersonate her last Saturday, but the bit fell flat because Hicks is so elusive and therefore difficult to mimic. Days before publishing the allegations against Porter, the Daily Mail published paparazzi-like pictures of Hicks and Porter together, claiming they were "canoodling" in the back of a cab. It's unclear how much he interacted with Hicks while spending time inside the White House for his gossipy book. Trump sat her down and said, 'This is your new job.' It was a shocker." Trump officially entered the presidential race a few months later. And right now she's in a terrible place for a press-shy person to be: In the middle of not one but two White House scandals.When the Daily Mail called for comment before publishing its story on Tuesday, Hicks helped defend Porter -- sources told CNN that she worked with other aides to craft a supportive statement that was put out in chief of staff John Kelly's name.Hicks' good looks and gracious demeanor -- a recent Town & Country profile called her "unfailingly polite and deferential" -- make her a frequent subject of D. In "Fire and Fury," he says Trump usually treated Hicks "in a protective and even paternal way." But he also quotes the president saying to Hicks that she was "the best piece of tail [Lewandowski will] ever have," a reference to a reported relationship between Hicks and ex-campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. professional, had no political experience before Trump tapped her to work on his presidential campaign in early 2015. "Remember, she's the longest-serving aide" Trump has with him in the White House, said Olivia Nuzzi, who profiled Hicks for GQ magazine in 2016.Hicks and Lewandowski were reportedly seen having a public screaming match in Manhattan in May 2016, an incident that landed them in the New York Post -- a rare bit of unfavorable press for Hicks. When Trump won, he appointed her "director of strategic communications," a new title for a new kind of president."It was inevitable that at some point she'd find herself at the center of some scandal or other, but I think it's a testament to the kind of discipline she has that it took so long for it to happen," Nuzzi said.

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