Who is singer trey songz dating

When Songz was 7 years old, his mother, April Tucker, married a member of the U. The family returned to Petersburg when Songz was 14 years old, and he began his freshman year at Petersburg High School soon after.

"When I came back, that's when I really found out who I was," the singer once recalled.

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At his friends' insistence, Songz signed up to sing at the Appomattox Regional Governor's School Talent Show in Petersburg in 1998.Songz recognized his vocal abilities at the age of 14 and began performing in front of his family and friends.After graduating from Petersburg High School he moved to New Jersey to formally start his music career.A year later, at the age of 15, Songz met New Jersey-based music producer Troy Taylor.The pair agreed that Songz should finish high school, so the singer spent his summers in New Jersey working on music with Taylor.2007 - 2007Trey Songz had a brief relationship with model and dancer Angel Melaku during 2007, when Angel was cast to appear on the video for 'Wonder Women'.

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