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On the scale of Violence against Women scale, western media depictions are at the bottom. Violence against men doesn't rate a mention because we're only getting what we evil creatures deserve... or maybe it's a conspiracy by them to take over the marketplace.

That hasn't stopped it from being an issue that some grab onto for their own reasons and this is why it's practically disappeared from the mainstream media. Haven't heard anyone mention here mention the TV series "Machines of Malice" which is playing on the Discovery Channel up here.

We thank our readers for your support, your comments, your phone calls and emails to the board, and especially for your response to our “Call to Prayer” today.

We are sincerely grateful for a community committed to bringing truth to light, and recovering and living in grace.

In some small part, it is the result of media depictions of violence of all types that provoke thought and intelligent discussion which brings about a change in attitude in general society.

To paraphrase Sam Peckinpah when asked why he made his movie violence so real...

Nonetheless, we realize this is an important moment.

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This was supposed to prolong her suffering, which it did to some extent, but it still only took 18 minutes for the flames to fully engulf her.

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Greetings: Thanks to Scribbler for the clarification about Nicole's testimony. Violence against women, indeed violence period, around the world is a real issue but in the in the more educated parts of the world, women have gained a respect and power that is unprecedented in human history.

It's quite well done and shows that some of the historical methods perhaps weren't as effective for torture as recorded.

They even have the cute Michelle Boyd as one of the scientists.

Unless people know what real violence looks and feels like, things will never change.

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