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Life is a journey and I want to share mine with you.

She may not have the perfect body or as tall as a model but the girl definitely has style.

Stryder was spotted at an airport by The Mirror's showbiz editor Mark Jeffries, who revealed that he had flown in from Singapore and appeared not to be suffering from jet lag."He made a peace sign before closing the car door and being whisked away," the journalist commented.

Because I like music, it’s my first love and what I do. They had to be so comfortable you didn’t want to take them off, sound mustn’t bleed out and the quality of that sound was really important.

Ok, rapidly moving on, why did you launch your headphones?

I wouldn’t stop buying something just because a celebrity endorsed it. I’ve heard of the programme and watched it but I haven’t been cast and I’m not going to be in the series. As soon as I heard the beat I said I have to go to the studio now, I mean now, and we went and made it happen.

Who, if anyone, would you really like to collaborate with? More: How do Tinchy’s headphones compare against the rest?

I respect what they do, and I help in any way I can. I’ve got lots of family and send things and always keep in touch.

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