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Lasance was involved in a car accident on Sunday 10 August 2008 in which his Toyota Supra collided with an elderly woman's Honda Civic.He and his passenger escaped with minor injuries, while the elderly driver was taken to hospital in a serious condition but later recovered sufficiently to be released.'Australia will always be home': Former Home And Away actor Todd Lasance will celebrate first Christmas with newborn baby in Australia as he returns to act in ABC's Janet King, reports from The Daily Telegraph confirm 'My parents are beside themselves': Todd said the couple and their five-month-old daughter Charlie Rose will spend their first Christmas at the his family's home in Newcastle, with his parents super excited to spend the festive season with their first grandchild While he expressed delight to be back in his native country, he admitted he won't stop auditioning for US roles.However, the actor also hinted to potential acting opportunities that may keep him in Australia a little longer after filming stops on legal drama Janet King.After his appearance in Crownies, Lasance was cast in the Nine Network television film The Great Mint Swindle in the role of central character Peter Mickelberg, one of three Mickelberg brothers suspected of involvement in the most famous gold heist in Australia's history.The film premiered on 11 March 2012 to mixed reviews from critics.He has also appeared in several American television productions including The Vampire Diaries as Julian, Gaius Julius Caesar in Spartacus and as Edward Clariss/Rival in The Flash.

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The film Underbelly Files: Tell Them Lucifer Was Here concerns the murder of two Victorian police officers and the subsequent hunt for their killers.

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His acting career required him to relocate to Sydney where he shared a flat with former Home and Away cast member Mark Furze.

He has also shared an apartment with Lincoln Lewis, who played his enemy on the show.

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