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"I knew it was time for me to join the circus." I like to think if James Lipton asked him that question (and don't laugh at the thought of him across the table from Lipton. Boyish good looks he had, but he also had the frame and speaking voice of a adolescent.

Pierce Brosnan and Tim Allen have been on that show) Mc Namara would be more candid and say "I knew my boyish good looks would last about another ten years. Dario Argento must not have noticed or cared that a shirtless Mc Namara wouldn't have looked out of place in a Junior High locker room.

He attended Columbia University and studied at the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York.

He appeared in the feature films Texasville, Stella, Copycat, Surviving the Game, and Stealing Home.

My look at 12 gay performers who’ve won Emmys Lauren Bacall would have been 93 today – here are some random videos from the great star’s career Celeb Instagram: Billy Eichner & Dolly Parton!

I assume those are euphemistic ways of saying he didn't finish at either one. She was like the Julia Roberts of the Seventies and we used to hang out at her house.

"I knew I would be an actor since I was seven or eight.

My Mom and I lived out in Los Angeles and one of her close friends was Valerie Perrine....

She'd appear in the 21st century Cannonball Run, Ocean's Eleven, but as the female lead and again at a million price. I don't mean to slight Perrine but she was only a Julia Roberts-level star to a young Bill Mc Namara.

Could be a passing insight.) That's an ordinary line.

I hung out and watched these people and it was like hanging out at the circus or carnival...

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