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However, it was only a suspicion, but no clear evidences supporting the idea.

Netizens doubt if the press reported it for increasing number of views of its article because the press has brought up another dating rumor of ZICO with When digging up the origin of the rumor, it is more illogical that the start was from ZICO’s lyrics.

Well, it seems like there are more fans loving ZICO than Seolhyun’s The truth will be discovered and fake will be sunk down.

The latest, hottest news in K-Pop is of Zico and Seolhyun dating. Every little thing the idols said in the past regarding ideal types is going to be analyzed and mentioned endlessly by everyone.Netizens’ eyes are caught at the dating rumor of ZICO, Block B, and Seolhyun, AOA.The two hot idol stars’ dating rumor has been risen for couple of days, and fans wonder whether the rumor is real or not.In addition to the facebook page, another doubts about the idol’s relationship that netizens asserted similar postings are found at both stars’ instagrams at famous online community.As the rumor has got issued, one press reported dating rumor of Seolhyun and ZICO.Deep Meanings Behind K-Pop Idols’ Tattoos Many fans appeal their own thoughts about the dating rumor, and some of them agree with it, but others hate the rumor.

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