Wrestlers dating celebrities


This truth--by itself--is a true testament to the expansive growth of social media When it comes to the marks of the WWE Universe, “who’s dated who?This truth--by itself--is a true testament to the expansive growth of social media and increased wrestling dirt sheet coverage.Since then, she’s become not only a household name in the ring, but also one when it comes to dating the WWE superstars.No need to mention James’s risque photo leak with “The Animal” or, her apparent infatuation with Cena.Sometimes when you dig and look through some of the people wrestlers have dated, you're quite amazed. It’s hard to believe that Barbara Blank aka Kelly Kelly is now three years removed from her days as a bleached blonde WWE Diva. The way in which Randy Orton nonchalantly outed her for being promiscuous during a June 29, 2011 radio interview with 98 KUPD.Although most of the love lives of our squared circle heroes haven’t exactly played out like an ending from a Hollywood movie, several of them have given it the ol’ college try, on more than one occasion--a few have even attempted their hand at celebrities outside the biz. While it wasn’t an RKO, “The Viper” dropped a bombshell “out of nowhere” when he insinuated that Blank, now 28, got hot and heavy with “like, 10 guys” on the WWE roster.The former WCW and ECW manager-who has been a part of the wrasslin’ biz for quite some time in more ways than one--was a valet to over 10 wrestling superstars. With that confidently said, the WWE’s COO--better yet, Vince Mc Mahon’s right-hand man--Paul Levesque, has definitely earned “The Cerebral Assassin” moniker.To top it off, Hyatt, 51, had no qualms about airing out her dirty, especially during a 2013 shoot interview. In the prime of his career as the leader of the D-Generation X group, Triple H’s stock seemed to be rising faster than a NASA-approved space rocket.

An in-ring monster by WWE’s larger-than-life standards, the 46-year-old was evidently one with the ladies behind the scenes as well.It’s worth noting that although Dolph makes garnering pops from arena audiences look effortless, he ultimately got the opposite treatment from Schumer--who told shock jock Howard Stern that the former Spirit Squad member was “too athletic” for her between the sheets.When it comes to dipping your toe into the locker room talent pool, former Diva Torrie Wilson knows a thing or two… Wilson--a former fitness model--was previously married to former cruiserweight division high-flyer Billy Kidman, now a WWE producer.Batista--a grandfather of two by the time he hit 40--pulled in former ECW backstage reporter/Playboy playmate Rebecca Di Pietro, current Diva Rosa Mendez, and of course, Kelly Kelly.Although many speculate that Melina Perez strayed on long-time boyfriend/parkour loyalist John Hennigan (John Morrison) with “The Animal,” she recently told JR on his The Ross Report podcast that they were just good friends.However, Blank did diversify her dating portfolio when she attended an Eagles-Jets NFL game with actor Jeremy Piven--following his Aug. Sure, “The Showoff” hasn’t pulled in the number of romances that several others on this list have, but the man needs to be shown appreciation somewhere--heck, he has been with a few notables.

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