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He's now in a relationship with Nikki Bella, whom he began dating briefly after his divorce.One wouldn’t think anyone else had more backstage war stories than “The Nature Boy”Ric Flair, but clearly Missy Hyatt does.It's only natural, as they have so few opportunities to go out and meet new people.When they do meet new people, they don't get to see them all that often, so it makes dating outside of the business really difficult.But, indie grappler Jake Damien and J&J Security member Joey Mercury were also said to have cozied up to James.Who could forget Amy Dumas’s 2000 debut on Sunday Night Heat as the spicy Lita alongside light heavyweight contender Essa Rios?

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The late Andrew Martin (Test), Justin Gabriel, Dave Batista, CM Punk, Jeff Hardy and Dolph Ziggler were a handful of them.This truth--by itself--is a true testament to the expansive growth of social media When it comes to the marks of the WWE Universe, “who’s dated who?This truth--by itself--is a true testament to the expansive growth of social media and increased wrestling dirt sheet coverage.It’s worth noting that although Dolph makes garnering pops from arena audiences look effortless, he ultimately got the opposite treatment from Schumer--who told shock jock Howard Stern that the former Spirit Squad member was “too athletic” for her between the sheets.When it comes to dipping your toe into the locker room talent pool, former Diva Torrie Wilson knows a thing or two… Wilson--a former fitness model--was previously married to former cruiserweight division high-flyer Billy Kidman, now a WWE producer.They say: “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.” I say: “With Being In ‘The Reality Era Comes Even Greater Publicity”--both good and bad.

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