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(Or better yet, stop by in the flesh.) When beginning a new relationship, REFRAIN from surfing the online dating world (chasing the better) until you are sure that the new person you are considering is not going to be your person.Give each person you date your full attention, one at a time.Dating in the age of technology presents challenges that can be difficult even for the most confident of daters.It is now possible to know if and when someone has read our text, which means that if our recipient has indeed read our words but not responded, or chosen not to read it at all, to leave it in the dreaded , we are forced into the often unkind and frequently brutal hands of our inner dating critic.About the Author NANCY COLIER is a psychotherapist, interfaith minister, author, and veteran meditator.

Online dating allows us to meet people we would never get to meet, it provides options and inventory, but after we meet, we still have to be willing to do the real life work that real life relationships require.

There’s more potential but the potential remains unrealized.

These days, when a relationship does start, the primary form of communication is often texting.

This can create a host of challenges that didn’t exist before technology.

When we begin dating, we don’t know someone well and yet we text as if we do, sometimes communicating dozens of times in a day, sharing banter, minutia, and whatever else comes to mind.

As a result, relationships that, before technology, might have turned into successful partnerships, never get the chance.

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