Yi fei dating


A Chinese media outlet reported on 25th May that Liu and Seung have split.As per the report, they had become awkward with each other and had split after the Korean cultural content ban.They seem too close to each other and often spend time together.They have attended several events together and communicate in English.Liu Yifei is one of the most beautiful actresses in the world. The people who are unaware of her dating life, speculate that Liu Yifei must be dating a boyfriend. She is dating a South-Korean actor Song Seung Heon. They made their relationship or dating affair public in August 2015.Liu has been dating her boyfriend for two years, and they are still together.

Read more, Liu Yifei wiki information and Liu Yifei net worth are waiting for you! Let’s know the fact: Well, Liu Yifei has a boyfriend in her life. The couple met on the set of the movie “Third Love” and fell for each other shortly after.

The Chinese Widow opened the Shanghai International Film Festival in June.

Her new movie “Mulan” will be released in the year 2019.

However, Song Seung Heon has expressed his wishes to get married on 31st January during the show ‘One Night of TV Entertainment.’ He said: Will Liu Yifei marry her now-boyfriend, Song Seung Heon? Please let us know your thought in the comment section.

Since the relationship, people have always speculated about when the couple will get married and also about Liu Yifei pregnancy in April this year. The Korean show “I Heard A Rumor Show” brought up the pregnancy talk in April pointing out to Liu Yifei’s weight gain.

She also acted in 2014’s Outcast, opposite Hayden Christensen and Nicolas Cage.

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