Yoshiki dating


“When I met Michael Jackson,” Yoshiki told director Stephen Kijak at a screening of their documentary “We Are X” at Omar’s, “my wrist braces were black, and he admired them as a fashion item.I used to wear them on both of my wrists and now I only wear it on my right.

In the decade between hide’s (stylized lowercase) funeral and the first rumblings of a reunion in 2007, band leader and drummer Yoshiki Hayashi says they didn’t speak at all.

X Japan never played a show or released anything stateside).

In a cruel twist of fate, the band nearly was forced to break up again just months into their reunion.

Yoshiki was able to make it onstage for a short set that New Years Eve, and apparently felt well enough to take another stab at a world tour.

They finally debuted overseas in Hong Kong in January 2010, but were inactive for another four months before a two-night stand at the Tokyo Dome followed by a show in Taiwan. X Japan made their long awaited USA debut at Lollapalooza.

One elderly fan who attended the MSG show with her daughter told the film crew it was her first concert since Elvis.

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