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They returned with a vengeance, announcing two shows at Tokyo Dome, which is considered the top venue for a band to play in Japan.

Those two shows proved so popular in pre-sale that they added a third night.

In the decade between hide’s (stylized lowercase) funeral and the first rumblings of a reunion in 2007, band leader and drummer Yoshiki Hayashi says they didn’t speak at all.

It is rumored that Yoshiki and hide intended to revive the band without Tosh I (who, with Yoshiki, was the only remaining founding member), but with neither hide nor Tosh I most fans never even considered a reunion a possibility.

But in 2007 Tosh I dropped a bombshell on his blog that they were discussing the matter and the hype train took off full steam.

But, alas, Yoshiki wasn’t healed and was forced to undergo spinal surgery. They honored their past by bringing their former bassist Taiji Sawada back to help play their popular self titled theme song “ during their tune-up concerts, and for the first time they embarked on a World Tour that was by most all accounts a success.

But they didn’t play MSG, settling for smaller American and European venues. New singles, with music videos already recorded during a high profile shoot on a massive stage constructed on a rooftop on Hollywood Boulevard in LA, went unreleased.

(During the 1980s, there was some interest in Japanese metal here in the states with bands such as LOUDNESS, EZO, and Dead End having varying success.

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